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Welcome to The Glen Filing No. 5!!!

The Glen Filing No 5 Homeowners Association Inc was founded in 2010, and is located at 3 Widefield Blvd in Colorado Springs.

Your HOA dues at work
*GREAT NEWS* The Barn Swallow Grove road improvement project is complete. Please refer to the financials to see how your HOA dues are going to good use.
We are officially with RealManage now. Thank you to Z and R for the year long partnership and hello to a new friend and family member. If you need to contact the Property Manager her is how: Mr. Steve Walz - 866-473-2573. This is the call center just ask for him located in Denver Colorado. This is also the number if you just have a general question, complaint, or issue.
Special Notice
GREAT NEWS: Fort Carson has LIFTED the mask requirements. But be aware individual sections or buildings like the Hospital, Commissary, or PX MAY set their own requirements for enter. The guidance is driven by the local Corona Virus Level. Currently it is LOW as of 4 Mar 22.
Today's Events
GLEN FILING #5: Summer is rapidly approaching and the new management company will begin inspections soon. Lets remember a few key violations to begin working. 1: Grass cut, 2: Fences stained, 3: Houses pained, 4: Fix wind damage ie: Fences.

Next HOA Meeting
PENDING due to change over of Management Companies but the Board talks EVERYDAY so let us know if WE can help YOU!